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The patchwork quilt

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 07/05/19 18:00


What a week that was, with so many amazing things going on after a turn from the Osteology conference in Barcelona and then leading up to the Launch night, with more than 100 people at the Brewhouse and Kitchen in Nottingham.

“Surfing on the crest of a wave?” You would think so, wouldn’t you?

In the midst of this week, this week of weeks that I have looked forward to for so long, one of my mentoring patients turned up, (for whom had done part of the surgery) his losing 2 dental implants.

If that was not bad enough, another patient I had treated recently came back with a huge infection in her upper anterior side.

And to close it all off, a patient from 5 years came back with a failed implant, under the most unusual circumstances.

Isn’t it always the way, isn’t it always the f*****g way?? In the midst of the great stuff you ride through the s**t stuff.

You would think that Thursday night was the biggest night of the year for me, but a week on Sunday, the Mighty Mustangs have their cup final (their first and possibly their last) that they might ever have and Tuesday night at an extra training session, I spoke to then and told them, they needed to get their heads up and they needed to look at what was going and they needed to forget about the rubbish and look at the good bits and enjoy this as much as they could.

We focus on the negative, and so we’re at risk of missing out on the wonderful things that are happening all around us.

I put my complications in a box for now, ill sort them to the best of my ability in the best way I can and for the patients, but after I get back, after this week of weeks has finished.

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Colin Campbell
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