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The Learning from Failure Conference – Part Three

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 04/07/19 18:00

Failure Conference 2019 Logo

For the third time this Autumn, we will run a ‘Learning from Failure Conference’ - an idea from which came about from the book by Mathew Syed ‘Black Box Thinking’.

We’ll encourage people to come and share their experiences of things that have gone wrong and encourage the group to talk about things that others have shared in order to improve themselves and the way that they work.

This is CPD with a difference.

This is actually thinking about things to make things better.

Do not consider coming to this if you’re trying to tick a box off on your CPD list.

This is for people who genuinely want to improve things and make things better.

This time we will divide things in to two halves; the first will be clinical problems and clinical issues that we’ve over come and the second will be ways to make your business better (particularly if you’re an independent but will be applicable to all practices).

We will put together a schedule, once we know who wants to speak and talk, and we will also have some different innovative breakout sessions in this, to help people over come problems that they might be encountering and to make their lives a little bit easier.

As always this is not for profit, the Failure Conference is not a profit centre and we didn’t make any money from the first two (lost money in fact, but that’s ok).

It’s limited to 80 people and we would like some volunteers to talk about either of those two subjects. It doesn’t have to be miserable (although it can be a bit) it just has to be stories about how we learned from things that were difficult and things that were problematic.

So, this is a call for people to speak, but also a call for people to come.

I know that you can’t see a programme, but if you’ve been before, you’ll know how good it is and if you want to bring a friend, then that’s fine until the 80 spaces are filled.

We’ll start to push some more information out about this as soon as we get the programme together, but please think about taking a step forwards now and signing up, even before you’ve seen exactly who’s going to be there or what’s going to be said.

The Failure Conference will be held on Friday 15th November in Nottingham.

You can register your interest to either speak or attend by emailing marie@campbell-clinic.co.uk


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Colin Campbell
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