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The joys of self-isolation

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 21/03/20 18:00

Assuming you can get over the fear, and turn off the BBC news app (and only check the BBC news on your desktop once a day) you can start to look at what might be the upside (instead of the downside) of staying at home with your family for a while.

So, while I could list here all the terrible things that might happen (most of which are completely unlikely at this stage) I’d rather on this Saturday evening give you something that will cheer you up.

I’ve made a list of some (and only a few) of the things that might be good about staying at home for a while and I think that some of them might apply to you to:

1)More time to walk my dog.

Even if they lock-down society, like they did in Italy, you are still aloud to walk your dog.

2)That box of DVDs in the loft. 

This is free and I'd never mind re-watching a movie, there are even (ridiculously) DVDs in my house that I have never even watched, yet I continue to buy more. 

3)Books and books and books.

There are so many books that people have given me or that I have acquired which I've not yet read and other books which I would love to read, going forwards in this blog I will put some book recommendations up there that you can get electronically and for free or for very low expense to make your self-isolation better.

4) Writing a diary.

This is pure therapy.

5)Having a go at meditation for you and your family.

6) Having a go at Yoga.

7) Doing circuits in the garden.

8)Doing circuits in your garage with one of your best-mates over Facetime. 

9)Cooking (remember that doesn’t include picking up the phone to Domino's)

We had a big sack of potatoes delivered to the house yesterday (my wife’s resourcefulness is staggering) and she just started to tell me what she was going to make out of the potatoes.

We’ve decided to have a go at making gnocchi and as part of Callum’s cooking lessons now he is off school, he’s going to learn how to make Gnocchi from scratch with potatoes.

We would have never had the opportunity to do that, the way our lives were 2 months ago.

I know you think I’m nuts, and I know you think I’m mad but there is joy still to be had, almost always and almost everywhere.

Your first port of call for reading if your sad is ‘Man’s search for meaning’ by Viktor Frankl.

Try not to buy it on Amazon, try to find a free copy somewhere online or get it on audible if you have a subscription.

It’s a story of what happens to someone when their whole life is stripped away and it’s the basis for many further works after this.

If you’re starting self-isolation tomorrow, get that book and read it because you will feel better when you’re finished.

Chin up, spring is coming and almost everybody will be here when it comes.


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