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The Enabler

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 01/12/19 18:00


They’re hard to find.

Very valuable though.

An Enabler is like a coach who sits in the background and watches their athletes succeed.

An Enabler is like a teacher who stands at the back where their student’s celebrate exam results.

An Enabler is like a silent mentor but wants from a distance as their charges become famous or renown and takes little or no credit.

Enablers do not seek recognition or fame, recognition and fame seek Enablers, in time.

If and when this time comes, the Enabler turns away and Enables others again.

These are the real hero’s, the ones who play the long game, the ones who build a foundation for the success of others.

Seek them out, hope to find them, try to find the in the hope that they will Enable you and that you will Enable others and that you will become the Enabler.

In a world where everything becomes about 5 minutes of fame and recognition, we need these and we need you to become these.

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