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The demands of the market

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 03/01/19 18:00

market demands

The market demands immediate, flapless, all ceramic, implant surgery and reconstruction.

So, we do it because the market demands it?

The market demands cheap chicken.

The market demands cheap cider.

The market demands enough refined carbohydrate to make a global population obese.

The market demands 24 HD online pornography.

The market demands 4.5l SUVs for mums (and dads) to take their kids 300 yards to school.

(Some) of the market demands child pornography.

(Some) of the market wants child abuse.

(Some) of the market wants to get s*** faced on a Saturday night and come home and hit their wife over the head with a plank.

Because ‘the market demands it’ is no excuse for doing it if it’s not right.

Someone sent me an Instagram post today asking for my comments on a treatment plan which involved provision of a 3-unit bridge in the upper left. The mesial fixture was vertical, the distal fixture was at a 45° angle to the vertical to ‘avoid the sinus’.

They were asking if I thought this treatment plan was reasonable or not, I suspect because they don’t want to do sinus grafting.

I couldn’t quite see exactly what was wrong with it to begin with because it was early in the morning so I emailed Andy with it, knowing he’d be up, and he replied immediately.

It was the distal bone loss around the distal fixture that I had missed when I looked at it, but that was the one that had been missed by the guy that had done it and he was still happy to post it as being a huge success and achieve the obligatory ‘fist pumps’ on social media from all his ‘friends’.

It seems that we are adopting treatment strategies for patients based upon ‘what the market demands’

I haven’t been able to run for two and a half years now and I ‘demand’ the ability to do that.

I am sure some of the parents of the children my wife treats ‘demand’ that their children live.

I’m sure you have things in your life that you would like to demand.

You watch it now over the next year, as the implant companies start to run and run hard on a bandwagon of immediate placement, flapless surgery and immediate reconstruction on single units.

I’ll still be here a year from now when the s*** starts to unravel.

The market didn’t demand this.

Some aspects of the market tried to push it because they felt it gave them a competitive advantage and made them more money.

When the implant companies got wind of this they ran with it because they thought there was more money to make again.

This is about money, you can tell a story in some other direction about patient choice or satisfaction but really, it’s about making more money. Just because the market demands it doesn’t mean you have to give it to the market – that was the thing that made us fat after all.


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