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The cheapest Year Implant Course ever...

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 02/12/19 18:00

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I have designed a year aesthetic course to be run from our new clinic, which will open on the 3rd February.

The cost of this course is £59.99.

The course includes all necessary media and reading material to achieve excellence in aesthetic implant dentistry.

The course contains hundreds of thousands of references that will be able to be searched by individuals to improve their understanding of the research and application of aesthetic implant dentistry.

There are countless cases demonstrated across many topics and sign posting to other resources, to allow the individual to improve and become more knowledgeable.

The course is called “Reading ITI treatment guide Volume 10”.

Of course this seems like a little bit of a “get out.”

I could advertise that I provide this course, but the course is very self-directed.

Start at page 1, finish the book and apply it to your practice.

Sadly, we all know that, that is not going to work.

The explosion of online courses and of media available to teachers rarely makes us better, it just makes us compliant.

Learning is a process that is some what more complicated than that.

I have spent some time recently traveling round universities in the United Kingdom with my Daughter and have been wide eyed with the ways that they blend learning, between electronic media-based platform and collaboration.

The environment for collaboration on reflection in universities is stunning, because they know that is what works.

Over three days last week we provided the aesthetic implant course in Nottingham and while I would love to put on a year aesthetic implant course, I don’t believe people would pay for it.

It would be stunning though and your understanding and appreciation of how to provide excellent anterior aesthetic dentistry would be catapulted forwards. You would be more valuable and therefor it would be more valuable.

We give out ITI treatment guide Volume 10 in the first hour of the first day of that course and I explain to the individuals that they can go home now and the course is finished if they can go home and apply the knowledge and understanding in that book to their practice going forwards.

But that is not what people want or need.

They need the practical application of the knowledge, and they need shortcuts by people who have already made the mistakes.

They need interpretation of the literature and the research and a philosophical approach that they understand and appreciate to help them apply this to the treatment of their own patients.

You could do an experiment, you could buy the book now by clicking on the link above, but remember, you will have to take the cellophane off the book for it to be valuable.

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Colin Campbell
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