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The broken toothbrush

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 28/07/20 18:00

Round about the 25th March this year, just after the practice closed, I took a new toothbrush out of the draw at home and started to brush my teeth and snapped the handle.

Maybe it was faulty or maybe I was pushing too hard but I kept the toothbrush (embarrassingly I still have it because I don’t change my toothbrush often enough).

It did and has become a symbol of being careful and not wasting and reusing whatever I can and not spending unless I need to.

First thing in the morning when I brush my teeth it reminds me to be careful, last thing at night it makes me reflect on what I’ve done today and whether it’s been sensible.

It has to go soon, it really is in bad shape but I won’t break the next one. I’ll be more careful.

By the time I change the next one we’ll be in a different place again and again the time after that.

It will pass soon enough but I hope I will have not forgotten what I felt in the place I was on the 25th March.


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Colin Campbell
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