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The Ball

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 15/11/21 18:00


It’s been 10 days since the ball and we decided to write about it now. 

The picture on this blog is one that highlights the joy that we all felt when the ball went ahead and we had the best of times last week. 

We will be publishing all the photos taken as an album on our Facebook page soon. 

We raised £12,390 and for the sixth time we got dressed up and had the best time trying to raise a bit of money for other people. 

In the end there was about 161 people at the ball, turning up in some of the most amazing and extraordinary costumes you can possibly imagine. 

It was a bit like an academy course with just good people turning up and having fun and no hassle and no nonsense and no posturing and no egos, just a riot. 

We get the most extraordinary support from some local dental practices who are friends of ours and from some of the companies who are friends of ours too. 

The prizes for the raffles, the silent auction and all of that were totally amazing. 

We split, between four charities, over £12,000 and it takes the total for the six balls that we’ve done to somewhere between £70,000 & £80,000 or thereabouts. We never shout too much about that kind of stuff that we do but we still give 1% of our turnover from both The Academy and The Clinic to charity and this year our budget moves along to somewhere in the region of £65,000 if you take into account the ball and the other activities that we do. 

It’s not hard to do this stuff, you just have to want to do it. 

It’s organised entirely by the charity committee at the practice and I had the privilege and the joy of just turning up with my wife and my girls dressed up to enjoy a night out and to bask in other peoples massively reflective glory. 

The next one is the 5th of November 2022 and it’s already booked. 

Put the date in your diary, get ready to get dressed up and come along and spend some money on something worthwhile. 

See you then! 


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Colin Campbell
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