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Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 14/02/20 18:00


This is a little mini series of 7 blogs and you can read the first one here.

How to keep your temper in the face of an overwhelming barrage of information and decisions to be made.

Sometimes the decisions that you’re asked to make seem like the most ridiculous and insignificant questions the world has ever seen.

Sometimes the "helpful comments" feel like knives to your heart or slaps round the back of the head.

In the last week I have only “reacted” once and not too badly, to someone who suggested something that we had already thought of a thousand times before but were denied the opportunity to achieve through the circumstances in weather.

The risks with projects like this when dealing with undertakings and challenges like this, there is at least temporary (or even worse, permanent) change to your character.

Suffering fools gladly has always been one of my greatest gifts. Perhaps my ability to do that is failing, it is at least, fading.

At the moment I need people who take initiative and solve problems, not people who refuse initiative and make difficulties.

Temper is improved with solitude. It is improved with calm and peace, it is improved with sleep.

All of these things are sadly lacking at the moment and the temperature is rising!


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Colin Campbell
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