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Tell me what to do

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 26/03/20 18:00

Leaders, get to be leaders for the following reasons:

  • For the risks that they take.
  • For the decisions that they make.
  • For the alliances they forge.
  • For the protection they give.
  • For the sacrifices they make.

Leaders don’t say “tell me what to do”.

Leaders advise people of what seems like the best route.

We need leaders now. We need people to say “I think this is the best route to take, with the current information that we have”.  

Spending your days (and nights) foraging around for someone to tell you what to do to get back to where you were, will not serve you well or be productive in the challenges that lie ahead.

We’re all leaders now, in the tiniest aspect of our life and in the biggest aspect of society.


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Colin Campbell
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