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Teaching to learning

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 21/12/20 18:00

First, we teach, this is what happens in many, many school settings and also in the least progressive universities.

Teaching speaks or forces information towards an individual in the hope that they will assimilate the information to a format which they can then regurgitate in some sort of standardised assessment to prove that they are better than the person who sits next to them.

Anybody who is ever interested in the people that they serve moved away from teaching a long, long time ago even if they work in a teaching environment.

The follow on from teaching is education, this is where we use teaching to instil behavioural change in the direction that we desire and when I say 'we' I mean both the educator and the person who is at the end of the education.

I use a classic story about the difference between teaching and education on our courses where the janitor cleans a mirror with a toilet brush to stop girls kissing it with lipstick.

It's one thing to tell the girls to stop kissing it, another thing to show them why it might be beneficial for them to stop kissing it.

The final stage though is learning and the induction and production of learning.

Learning is teaching someone how to fish instead of giving them a fish.

The provision of learning allows people to feed themselves and to feed others and to continue the process of making things better through knowledge and understanding.

We never ever taught at The Campbell Academy, but we did start by educating until we understood that the long-term game was learning.


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Colin Campbell
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