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TBOB - The Reading List

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 04/08/19 18:00


I’ve written a lot about TBOB recently, you can read different blogs, here.

We love this course, we think it’s amazing for lots of different reasons and lots of different aspects, but one of the most important things in this course is the work that you do for yourself.

We’ll introduce you to some reading material which we feel is essential for the course, then give you advanced reading material if you get into it. For starters, here is the reading material for the course itself for 2020 for the people who turn up (we provide you this reading material, it’s included in the course).



The E-Myth by Michael Gerber

This is perhaps the most important book you could ever read in relation to running any sort of business. Initially given to me as a recommendation by Chris Barrow in 2011, it changed the way we ran the business and underpins what we do.

I use it’s features in teaching every single day. In a recent interview, by Chris Barrow, for his extreme business workshop, he asked me “Where we had learned the things we had over the past 10 years to build a new practice?”. He was a little bit shocked when I said, from him, from the E-Myth.


Linchpin – by Seth Godin

This book simply explains the importance of becoming a linchpin within your organisation. If you don’t understand this, you can’t teach it to your team, and if you don’t teach it to your team, you’ll never have linchpins.


Finally, we use Simon Sinek – Ted Talk

Watch the ted talk here. It will change things.


Module 1 (in preparation for the finance module)

To Sell is Human by Daniel Pink

This book is an extraordinary explanation as to why we are all selling all the time in every aspect of our life. If you don’t think you’re in sales, you’re mistaken or you’re not breathing.

Module 2 (in preparation for the marketing module)

This is Marketing - by Seth Godin

A beautiful explanation of what modern marketing is and particularly appropriate for dental practices and the size of businesses like that.

Module 3 (in preparation for Human Resources)

David and Goliath - by Malcolm Gladwell

Extraordinary book which fits well into this module, but this has to be in any reading list for anything. If you haven’t read this book, then read it now.

Module 4 (in preparation for leadership and strategy)

Leaders Eat Last – Simon Sinek

A wonderful explanation of what leadership is and what it isn’t.

Module 5 (in preparation for writing your own strategy projects and implementing everything to your business)

Measure What Matters – by John Doerr

A quite extraordinary book, which will change your practice entirely.


We have a huge list of accessory reading material that we gift to anyone who manages to get through these books. Over the years we have realised not to give you these books all at once, we give you two pre course and then one at a time, the gaps between the modules allow you to read them.

All of these books are available on audiobook, in case you prefer to do things that way.

It’s one thing to read the books but it’s another thing to talk to other people about what you have learned in the books and share the knowledge, that is the way the course works.

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