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Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 01/08/19 18:00

suburbia blog

Picture the scenes.

You buy a new house in suburbia on a nice new street, the houses on either side are the same.

You have the middle house.

You’re a bike rider, who likes to spend money on bikes and bike stuff.

Your garage has bikes hanging on the wall.

You have spare money, that is not spent on your family, you go away to ride your bike in different places.

Your spare time at the weekend is spent riding bikes.

The person to the left of you, is a gardener, their garden is beautiful. Their spare time at the weekend are spent doing their garden, they talk with you over the fence about gardening and bike riding.

To the right of you, your neighbour has a car, they spend their time at the weekend driving and cleaning their car, their spare money is spent on their car and fancy car polish.

Who’s winning?

In a society, where winning is everything, it’s hard to count what everyone is playing a different game.

Nobody is winning in this scenario; and everyone is winning.

The problem is that everybody is winning, (and losing) at an entirely different individual gain, yet you count the points as though we’re all in the same league.

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Colin Campbell
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