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Stay strong, stay brave

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 19/03/20 18:00



On Tuesday night I got a message from my friend Mike Sosin.

Mike is a consultant cardiologist in Nottingham, right on the front line in this but, as is typical with Mike, doesn’t consider himself to be.

Both of us were at Frank Turner’s 2000th  gig together a little while ago which was one of the best nights I have ever spent in anything involved in music and Frank Turner was back in Nottingham again on Saturday and all things being equal I would have been there.

Mike sent a link through to say that because Franks tour had been cancelled, he decided to do a concert from his living room.

The link is here. 

Frank Turner sat in an alcove for 2 hours in his living room (with a little bit of stuff from his wife too) and made a contribution.

Turner is not a Doctor or a fireman or a policeman. You’re not a healthcare commissioner or a politician.

He is a singer-songwriter who inspires people through his music and was not able to do that round the country so did it on Facebook.

If everything on Facebook were like this, I would like it.

One of his friends had made a banner, to tag to the wall behind him through the show.

It said.

“stay soft, stay brave” There it is right there, that’s all you need.

If your world has collapsed around you, stay brave and try not to be harsh and horrible to other people.

I’ve cycled to work everyday this week and every single person I’ve passed on the pavement or on the road I have said hello to.

Most of them, almost all of them, have been delighted to say hello back.

Reach out, ease someone’s pain.

If you're in trouble, help is just around the corner and if you're not in trouble, you are the help around the corner. 


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Colin Campbell
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