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Run away

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 08/09/21 18:00


Callum and I watched 'Darkest Hour' the other night, the story of the first five weeks of Winston Churchill’s prime ministership at the start of the second world war.

Education on philosophy through movies. That would be the Colin Campbell way. 

It left me thinking that many people at the moment are running away. 

Most days I get wind of a dentist who has retired or sold or is stepping back. 

If your team member is leaving the profession or just giving up and deciding they just want to be at home. 

I talk to people who’ve been at home for 18 months and don’t want to go back to the office anymore, they just want to sit in front of a screen and not have to collaborate or interact or face any problems. 

Sometimes running away is fine. When you’re being chased by the tiger it’s probably best to run because ‘you cannot negotiate with a tiger when your head is in its mouth’. 

But the majority of the time, in circumstances like these, running away protects you but protects no one else. 

What would we do when all the doctors are gone? 

What will we do when all we do is meet-up electronically? 

Maybe the best question to ask is not “how will it help me if I run away?”. 

Perhaps the best questions to ask is “who will it not help if I run away?”. 


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