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Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 25/07/20 18:00

It was 2003 when I went to see Dr Varnum on a Monday morning for a medical for a mortgage for my new house.

It had been a big weekend on the pop and at that stage I was a bit heavier than I am now and wasn't really training in any way at all.

It was still a shock though that my blood pressure was high and he was kind enough to put it down to ‘the stress of it all’ but it didn’t look great on my life insurance medical.

He told me it wasn’t worth a referral on but I was 31 for f*ck's sake .

I took myself off to my own GP and had my 10 year cardiac risk factors done which thankfully were relatively low.

17 years later life doesn’t seem less stressful on the face of it because to be honest I’ve forgotten exactly what it was like back then.

At that stage we just had Grace as a baby and Rosie was on the way.

I was still working a big NHS list and trying to establish myself in implant dentistry and surgery.

I was travelling 45 minutes to work there and back each day in the car and I unwound by getting leathered.

The other day before football training for Callum I took my blood pressure.

It was 126/73 with a pulse of 59.

I’m not as fit as I can be and I’m a little bit heavier than I like to be but after everything that has come to pass over the last 6 months; that is a result.

When I started to get on a bike in 2004 it was with the aim of ‘getting fit and healthy’.

So for 10 seconds it’s mission accomplished and then move on.  


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Colin Campbell
Written by Colin Campbell
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