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Read the room Ron!

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 29/06/20 18:00

One of the most important skills that a healthcare practitioner can learn is the ability to read the room (emotional intelligence).

Learning emotional intelligence takes practice and reflection and application and practice and reflection etc. etc. etc.

The people who seem to be ‘born with it’ are the ones who practised and reflected the most.

It takes time to follow through on close personal interaction and the relationships required to navigate difficult clinical situations.

Sadly, in the ‘new world’ that we are existing in at the present time we will not and do not have this.

In the first instance those with exceptional emotional intelligence will find it hard to operate at the same level.

Those with less than exceptional emotional intelligence will find it almost impossible.

Those who are trying to learn and trying to gain emotional intelligence through their clinical work will have no chance.

This will lead to a catastrophic combination of factors where patients who are frightened will feel poorly communicated with and it will lead to strained relationships and considerable difficulties moving forwards particularly in anything other than the most simple of cases.

The vast majority of healthcare basically does not have the time to deal with this at the present time due to the horrendous and onerous additional responsibilities it has gained in the past 12-14 weeks.

As always though, where there is crisis there is also opportunity.

If you take this time to develop your emotional intelligence or to use that which you already have and you have the stamina to see it out, you are likely to be in an extraordinary position when we emerge through the other side (whatever the other side is).


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