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Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 07/03/19 18:00


It’s possible to be standing in the middle of a rain shower and be looking at a rainbow.

I have been trying to teach my son this for ages now, trying to teach it to my kids but mostly trying to learn it for myself.

This modern life of chasing perfection of everything being on an even keel and all aspects of your life being ideal is tiring, no, it’s exhausting.

The process of trying to teach my children that you can’t have great all the time, but it’s possible to have great in some places and terrible in others at the same time and how to appreciate this and live with it and embrace it is a difficult process. It’s difficult because they find it hard to believe me and difficult because I find it hard to accept myself at the best of times.

There’s still work to be done. So many great things happening amidst so many difficulties… but perhaps that’s just a description of how life is.


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Colin Campbell
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