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Putting out the bins

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 16/04/21 18:00


Putting out the bins last Monday night last thing felt like a chore I could do without. 

Remembering just before you go to bed that you haven’t put the bin out for the early pickup is usually a complete pain in the a*se. 

So, downstairs I trape, undid the combination lock on the gate at the side of my house and pulled out the bin and the night was utterly beautiful. 

The sky was clear and the stars were as bright as bright could be, I could see my own breath and the world was quite quiet. 

I had to remind myself that I should look like this all of the time when I take out the bin because it reminds me also that when I get up early in the morning to walk my dog (which sometimes feels like a chore but not really very often) it’s a privilege and something that I’ll miss desperately when I don’t have to do it anymore. 

Holidays are good for that, appreciation of what’s here, right now, in the middle of ‘doing a job’. It’s really the essence of what life is mostly about. 


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Colin Campbell
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