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Post-script to last night

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 15/06/21 18:00


Much laughing up sleeves at the excitement that I felt at the start of Scotlands championship and in the WhatsApp messages gloating at the result from people delighted to see the failure. 

A disappointed 13 year old boy to return to after work but not as disappointed as the 49 year old boy that stood in front of him. 

And so, the outcome is that I remember vividly the penalty shootout where Scotland qualified for the EURO’s and David Marshall’s save. 

I remember hugging my then 11 year old son and the delight that we had from qualifying for a major championship. 

We might not score a goal or win a point but we’ll be excited again for Friday and then excited again for Tuesday and they will be memories that we’ll never forget. 

Turning disappointment into hope and forward movement is learnt in many ways throughout life. 

Never more in being a Scotland supporter. 

(I think it might be called resilience). 


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Colin Campbell
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