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Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 03/08/19 18:00


It was July last year, on a Friday, where Shaun Sellars and I recorded our first set of podcasts.

Our podcase is called incisive decisive, we have now released 9 full episodes, with three separate interviews and additional recordings, taking us to 17.

Podcasts are bizarre subculture in society, where you’re allowed to go as niche and as off the rails as you want.

There is a podcast where comedians talk about their favourite sweets from the 1980’s!!

Ours is even more obscure than that.

Incisive decisive is about dentistry philosophy and ethics.

It came about, because Shaun and I used to talk about dentistry philosophy and ethics together after we met, he then sent me a book as a present to say thank you for the blog.

We meet as often as we can and record, usually we can record 3 to 4 episodes in one sitting. We both have our portable digital recorders, so we can interview people and so far, we have interviewed Sara Symington to (perform a selective of woman’s netball) Simon Thackery and Chris Barrow (we interviewed Colin Burn’s the ITI chairman, but we couldn’t hear it, because the recording was so bad because I was rubbish).

Shaun does all of the work on this (for which I am quite embarrassed).

Shaun edits and does all of the digital magic and puts everything together for publication, he also manages the Facebook group and the Instagram group and all that stuff that I don’t know anything about.

The most listened to episodes so far is December’s episode on the GDC (not surprising) as it’s closely followed up by the latest episode on indemnity, because that’s a huge deal for dentists.

The indemnity update episode on the 7th July and spoke a little bit about Taylor defence services (TDS) but, that said, if there were anything that was incorrect, or needed changing then people should get in touch.

Taylor Defence services got in touch, with some brilliant communication to put us straight on a few points and to just add some content.

Last Friday we recorded an update on that which will be published really soon.

As a result of this, since some other things Neil Taylor will be coming to do a special peer review group for the Campbell clinic, with one of his advisors, Victoria Holden, in September of this year.

We’re going to be able to ask questions and speak to him about the difference between insurance backed indemnity and big providers and also the new stuff from the British Dental Association.

If you’re interested in this then, best to reply to this and email me back and I will see if I can find you a place, but generally peer reviews are for referring GDP’s.

My favourite episode though, is “Instagram can do one”, but that would be right, because of my views of social media.

Shaun and I describe and discuss our views on social media and what we think is happening in dentistry about that.

All the links to each of the episodes are below.

Hello World

Show me the Evidence



Instagram can do one



Mental Health

Indemnity - Update

Why not have a try and listen to one? If you’re interested in dentistry or ethics or philosophy or all three of those things together.

It’s created some brilliant collaboration and some brilliant interactions from people through email and through Facebook and through just conversations in the street. We will continue to do this probably forever and ever, until one of us dies, so you might as well have a look now.

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Colin Campbell
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