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Pivot point

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 30/07/20 18:00

I was on a call today with one of my Referring Practitioners who commented that he felt that some of the writing in the blog suggested that the world was ‘holding me back’.

I suppose that’s what comes of writing a stream of consciousness on a daily basis which has an inevitable ‘ebb and flow’ about what’s happening in life.

There is no question that the last six months have been somewhat challenging, but it would be true to say that for me the last 2 and ½ years have been somewhat challenging.

In the negotiations with my wife about whether or not to build ‘The Taj Mahal’, I made certain assurances and promises which it turned out were outside of my control as a result of various things but not least a global pandemic.

We then reached a point where things were difficult in terms of the whole future of the project.

Now to jump aside to a basketball analogy to help explain the next bit and the title of the blog.

When you catch the ball in basketball you plant one foot, it’s called a pivot, you can move the other foot but you can’t move the pivot foot or else you get called up and the ball goes to the other team.

The pivot’s really important because you can project to one direction or another and it’s the difference between success and failure at that point when you’re holding the ball.

You can shift your weight in one direction and make the guy who’s defending against you move that way before quickly shifting your weight in the other direction to pass him by (a fake) and therefore you’ve made the most of your pivot.

We all encounter pivot points in our life, situations where things go from better to worse or in the other direction.

It's perhaps true on reflection now that the pivot point for this project was the 9th July this year and I will explain the reasons for that in some later blogs when I’m a little bit more confident that this is true.

The problem with pivot points though is that although you wait for them to come and even identify the day or the moment where it might have happened, you don’t appreciate whether or not they have actually made a significant impact until some time afterwards.

Today it’s three weeks since the 9th July and each week since the pivot point we’ve seemed to make extraordinary progress forwards, back towards where we expected we might have been 2 & ½ years ago at the start of this project.

So, the world is not holding me back, had I not had a pivot point I would have just gone in a different direction and the same applies to you.

Sometimes we manufacture the point ourselves and sometimes it comes unbidden but either way, life is full of changes in direction and we should celebrate that, not complain about it.


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Colin Campbell
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