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Outward facing

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 26/06/19 18:00


The best leaders of ay organisation of any size have the ability to face outwards as well as inwards.

Facing outwards is a distraction from making money or running systems or keeping people in their right place within the organisation.

Facing outwards takes time and effort and decision making and selection.

It means being able to travel to other places to see different things, without ego, to gain the best you can for the organisation you seek to lead.

I’ve watched the headteacher at the school governor group that I am apart of do this with extraordinary effect.

He keeps his finger on the pulse of what’s going on nationally to allow the school to change, adapt and evolve accordingly.

This is a proactive approach, not a reactive approach, this is to try to envision the challenges and the problems before they arrive or at least as soon as they arise.

The difficulty with the outward facing attitude is if it’s done with ego it can mean that the person at the top of the tree just runs about pretending to be famous, whilst everybody else picks up the pieces behind.

That’s not a good way to build a team, the best way is to find the things that you need to know from the wider world and use them to build and inspire people at home.

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