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Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 08/10/19 18:00


Cycling back up the A60 this morning at 8:45am.

90 minutes earlier Louis and I cycled out that way and I had pointed out to him the line of traffic from Ruddington all the way back to the little village of Bradmore and how almost every car had one person in it.

I rode out steady (big race this weekend) and said goodbye to Louis about an hour out and returned for home, cycling back up the same line of traffic, a foot from the righthand side of all the cars.

It’s probably not a mile in total that line, by the time it gets to 8:45, but you get the idea of how many cars might be in it.

I don’t count the cars; I just count the ones that have more than one person in them.

From Bradmore to Ruddington, there was one car that had two people in it and the rest had one.

That includes a coach.

I’ve walked to work for years now and cycled that road for years and years and it takes you getting out of your car to see back into the ludicrous nature of this situation.

I can’t wait for driverless cars, I actually can’t wait until ultimately the government passes a law that says you’re not entitled to own a car.

You’re allowed to own a gun in the United States, but that doesn’t mean it is right.

We’ve developed a situation in this country where it seems like a god given right to have a car that you can drive anywhere you want for your convenience, in any way you want, with as few people in it as possible.

If every one of those cars were a people’s carrier, it would remove at least 80% of them from the road.

This is madness

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Colin Campbell
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