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On getting out of bed

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 13/01/22 18:00


In around about 1986 when I was 14 years of age I started seriously training in basketball. 

Some weeks I would train 20-30 hours a week and when I got up in the mornings I was exhausted and sore. 

The staircase at my Mum and Dads house is still there and I used to hold onto the banister and go sideways down the stair one step at a time because of the pain in my legs. 

After a while that seemed entirely normal to me but I never got used to the training, I just trained a bit harder. 

Nowadays and being classified as elderly by the world health organisation, I find I’m tired when I wake up in the morning. 

I’m reminded of the Lazyboy track ‘underwear goes inside the pants’ when he talks about prescription medication. 

In that wonderful monologue he discusses adverts about American prescription medication and in particular an advert which says “are you tired in the morning?” So he replies back “OMG I have this, write this down, I have this”. 

I don’t think he ever bought the drugs that were being advertised but that is a relatively easy target is it not? 

Can you remember a time when you woke up and weren’t tired? 

As I wake up now I try to get into a proper routine of training to be a bit fitter for the summer time, the lizard brain in my mind can try to talk me out of it by saying ‘you’re tired and old and stiff and sore’. 

I was never tired and old when I was 14 but I was still stiff and sore. 

There’s obviously some things you can do to mitigate the problem. 

You can get to bed at a reasonable hour (I’m terrible at this), you can sleep for 8 hours a night trying to get as much sleep as you can before midnight. 

You can control your sleep area and in particular don’t have anything to do with screens or devices immediately before going to bed or within say 30-60 minutes (who manages to do that) and you can also wake up in a much more controlled way than basically an air horn going off in your left ear. 

You’ll still be tired though when you wake up in the morning and particularly in the winter when it’s dark outside because your body is designed to get up when it’s light. 

Don’t let it derail you though. 

Like me, you are getting older but it doesn’t mean you're past achieving. 


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Colin Campbell
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