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Old man

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 04/06/19 18:00


I am old now; I am particularly old today.

Today my left leg hurts and my feet hurt and my calf hurts trying to protect the knee that’s broken on the left side.

Today I am fat, old and worn down, scraping around memories to try and find some inspiration to move along.

25 years ago, I was sitting my final exams in undergraduate dentistry, looking down the road towards a future that I couldn’t see, hadn’t planned and didn’t know where it might lead.

Today I’m looking back down that road, 25 years.

It’s surprising how quickly and how suddenly you become that old guy, who’s giving advice to younger people based on decades of experience, about how they could do it better or how to navigate the journey between here and there.

I guess the truth is, that none of the advice that you give to younger people is in any way relevant, because they’re starting their journey in an entirely different environment to the one in which I started in.

The only thing I think that could be of any help, is to be clear (and spend time doing this) to define your principles and then try, where possible to stick to those.

When you try to be old, like me today, you can look back down the road with contentment and the fact that you did what you said you would do and you walked your talk in trying to make a difference and in a principle way.

For a long time now, whenever I’ve been asked a question, I always try to answer it truthfully and honestly with what I believe.

That means I can forget it instantly and move on to the next thing knowing that if I am asked that question again, the answer is likely to be pretty much the same if I use the same format, maybe that’s something I learned on the journey over 25 years.

They say that with age, comes wisdom and contentment, I look forward to that, for no other reason than to distract me from this gnawing pain in the left side of my leg.

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