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Nothing to say

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 04/10/19 18:00

nothing to say..

Today I don’t have anything to say in the blog.

I am a little bit sad, or a little bit low (nothing too serious, you know how it goes?)

Our boys lost at football today and it was a horrible game. Made me question whether I was doing the right thing.

Whether I was a fraud who shouldn’t be coaching football at all because I never played it as a boy. I don’t even really understand the rule too much.

I thought back to the good times that we’ve had in football and wondered whether I had run my race, wondered whether they needed someone who knew more about this type of thing than me to do it.

And so thoughts like that shut you down and when you sit down to write your thing that you’re supposed to write every day, you can’t write it, because your thoughts are shut down.

And so what to do about that?

Turn up and write!

Just when it seems too hard and you can’t do it again, do it again.

Then do it again and then do it again and again.

There will be another football game next week and one the week after and there will be training sessions to do.

The problems that I can see and the reasons that we didn’t do well today, I can’t fix them in one go.

So, what to do about that?

Turn up, fix one thing at a time and carry on.

Seth Gordon says that there is no such thing as writers block and he is absolutely right.

Like every other time that you give up, writers block is a choice.


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