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Not your property

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 11/05/19 18:00


For those people who choose to except a position of “office” in an organisation or an institution, or a collection of people, sometimes ego gets in the way, and they forget that it’s not theirs.

To run your own business and to have 100% of the stake and to live or die by the results, that’s one thing, but to be elected or instilled as a leader of a group of people within an organisation, for a fixed time frame… That’s not yours.

If you get to where the badge, have the title, stick it on your email if you want.

You get to sit in the seats at the front and call the shots… For a while.

The purpose of those jobs is to be a custodian for the organisation for which you have been chosen to lead, it’s to pay it forward and to make it a little bit better when you finish, than it was when you started.

That’s how progress is made.

The people who have the appetite to do that are generally the altruist but all too often, its not an altruist who takes that position.

It’s up to the rest of the organisation to select and allow selection of people who are most appropriate to lead the organisation forwards, and we seem to have lost our way, certainly in areas of my profession, where we have the wrong people in the wrong place. Mostly these positions are unpaid and mostly they’re about doing good and are greater good for a wider group of people.

If you think about taking one of these positions up, then always try to remember that if you don’t love the organisation enough to give your time willingly and for free, then you’re not the right person.

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