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Moving through the ranks

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 17/06/21 20:15


If you’re lucky enough to be in an organisation which allows progression of your career, then you’ll begin to move into positions where your job becomes different. 

In large organisations there are often many opportunities to move in different directions, in smaller organisations less and for self-employed individuals it’s generally training issues to become better at the job that you provide (the role of the freelancer). 

What’s essential to understand in these circumstances is that as you move from A - B and then to C and then on to F and G, it becomes impossible to do the majority of the work that you did when you were at A. 

In bad organisations the expectation is to continue the work that you were doing and to add the additional work for more money. 

For the freelancer, it’s instinctive to try to grow the ‘business’ (which is generally you) while maintaining all of the work as things get bigger. 

Fundamentally understanding that ‘every step you take changes the ground you walk on’ means that in order to progress, you have to give away that which it was which let you progress in the first place. 

For the majority of us that is difficult and sometimes impossible but the alternative is to stay where you are. 


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Colin Campbell
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