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Moving on, again...

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 08/08/19 18:00

Moving on, again...

Two years ago at The Campbell academy we launched our Year Two Implant Course, to try to give people a step up from all year one courses that exist and in order to give more detailed knowledge in practice of advanced and complex implant dentistry.

This course runs from February each year, it’s already 2/3s full for 2020 (in the new Campbell clinic).

It’s not possible to learn implant dentistry (or any dentistry, or clinical subjects) from a book and it’s not possible to learn them entirely, or even nearly entirely from a lecture.

Education in clinical subjects is a practical skill, to be understood and taught and practised and we were very keen to create a course for people who were ready to take the next step in their implant practise in a safe and secure way.

As soon as you branch outside of straight forward implant dentistry though, your choices are almost infinite and the paths that you could take for learning are about the same number.

How do you choose which route to take and how do you choose what’s best for you?

You may be restorative based, or you may be surgically based, or you may want to be both.

You may be keen to explore the opportunities to provide sinus grafting or immediate full arches, or you may not.

You’ll need to continue to cement your basic skills, like imaging and diagnostics and discussion of the skills and attributes of a clinician that helps them navigate through the complexity that is implant dentistry.

But you will want to choose the options that you do for that and not have them pushed down your throat.

We’re very clear about the fact that we wanted people to have a choice at Year Two, to go in the direction that they wanted, which is why we have a portfolio courses that allows you to choose which modules you want to take, which fit with your own idea of leaning implant dentistry.

All of these are practically based, and they merge online discussion with academic theory and didactic teaching and practical learning.

For some of the courses you would bring a patient and work that patient up and treat them well under our care, for others you will see live surgery being carried out and others will do live exercises and practical skills.

The guys who have already completed their Year Two Course are busy on an alumni online discussion group, which is completely closed to them and safe. We watch them grow and move and build.

Some of them are already teaching in The Academy now on Year One.

It’s not for everybody though this, not everybody wants to invest for the longer term in 5 years, but there is a solid foundation here, which stands everybody who comes through in good stead to help make the right decisions, but even more importantly, to be apart of the better network.

You can download the brochure for 2020 here.

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