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Model makers

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 17/12/20 18:00

It always starts with the model.

When an opportunity comes along (and if you hold your head up) they always, always come along.

The question is “does it fit the model?”.

If it doesn’t fit the model you have to invent a new model.

Does the new model run alongside the old model?

Do we discard the old model and adopt the new model?

If we discard the old model, how does that effect the thing we’re doing at the moment and are we still able to do it with the new model?

Essentially this applies to business, but it actually applies to everything.

Take business as an example though.

What’s the model for your business? How is it supposed to run? How much money is it supposed to make? How is it supposed to treat the team? How is it supposed to leverage the facility?

When the next opportunity arises does it fit in with those questions or does it not? 

If it doesn't, it's unlikely that it's a good decision to grab the opportunity despite the fact that it looks like an opportunity. 


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Colin Campbell
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