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Lost and found

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 21/05/20 18:00

Lost (things lost during lockdown) :

  • Direct contact with my family and friends (terrible loss). 
  • Purpose (at least from some aspects of my life).
  • Piece of mind (at least for the time being and not always but some of the time). 
  • Camaraderie at work (mostly due to the loss of face-to-face). 
  • Variation (my life was very varied, travelling to different places to teach or to meet or to ride a bike, not just the same Groundhog day each day). 
  • ‘Found’ my family (not that I didn’t know them already, but I will know them better than I would have ever possibly known them after this and that is a gift).
  • Meditation (rediscovered).
  • Stability and routine (not something I’m good at but something I’m learning to be better at). 
  • Boredom (I haven't known that for a long time). 
  • Cooking
    Eating the best I've ever eaten that I can remember. 
  • Humility.
  • Value in face-to-face interaction. 
  • Resilience (at least some of the time). 

As there was before and as there will be again, so there are positives and so there are negatives; ideally best for us to focus on the good bits if at all possible. 

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Colin Campbell
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