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Little black book

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 23/06/19 18:00


Over the years, I’ve read the stories of many people who are held up as famous or successful or intelligent or bright and most of them carry a notebook.

They carry a little black book that they scribe down their ideas and thoughts and some of which will never be seen again.

I noticed this most recently when I met the chief executive of a large local council, who’s little black book was tiny, but he scribbled notes in it as I spoke to him.

Over the years I’ve had various versus of the little black book but now it is a little black book. I can write in it constantly, stuff that would never see the light of day again, but much of it turns in to blog posts or ideas, or to do list’s to make things better or improve.

You can’t hold it in there all the time, the joy of having the book with you is so that you can delete it from your memory the minute that it has been written down.

Not so much an organiser, but an aid for mental health.

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Colin Campbell
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