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Life with full attention

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 18/12/20 18:00

Just over 6 years ago I met Simon McCarthy standing at the side of Rutland Water immediately before we were both about to compete ‘in a triathlon’ (in which I produced an appalling performance). As a result of paying attention to that conversation Simon became my triathlon and then cycling coach and over the last 6 years I’ve participated in countless events (four really huge ones) that I could never have dreamed I’d be able to achieve without his intervention (and friendship).

At a similar time in surgery I met the bank manager (as a patient), he’s the guy that ended up lending me the money to build the new clinic.

Sometime after that I met a planning solicitor at work and had a conversation with him, who introduced me to James Measures who was the project manager that built Edwalton business park (on our behalf).

And so, what conversation will you have today that’s like the conversations I had then and which one will I have that we’ll be talking about in five years’ time as something that helped change the direction of your life?

Just this week at work I offered a patient a job (might well come to nothing) but an opportunity arose within the conversation to explore whether the individual would be a fit for a post that we have available and it seemed like they were and later on they emailed to say that they definitely were interested and may well come to work.

Where will that individual be 5 years from now?

Another conversation this week with someone who used to be the Chairman of a local commissioning group for NHS services, who was extremely interested to discuss with me my views on what should happen to NHS dentistry, particularly within the commissioning group and how the money should be spent independently of what anybody else thought about dentistry.

I wonder what will happen with that conversation going forwards.

These things may come to nothing but if you assume that these conversations don’t exist in your life and are not available then you will never have them.

Breaking through the tiredness and the grind and the day-to-day are one of the most important ways of securing future opportunities and interest and joy that comes from living life with full attention.


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Colin Campbell
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