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Learning together

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 08/07/19 18:00


It’s possible to learn in isolation, but it’s difficult.

It’s hard to motivate yourself and it’s easy to feel like you are an imposter, out of your depth, with too much to know and learn.

It’s better to learn together.

Humans work better with humans, in a community, where they can talk and speak and look each other in the eye in a non-threatening way.

Touring round universities at the moment with my daughter Grace and it is clear that they get this as much as possible.

They don’t do a lot of things on individual computers, one on one, (except for exams) they do most of it in discussion.

Seth Gordon taught me a long time ago that the best way to learn how to use a programme on a computer is to hire someone to come and watch you use it and then to watch them use it and then to learn.

That’s how I want to learn, and that’s how I think everybody else needs to learn.

There is a sneak preview in September, we’re launching a digital implant dentistry course, which is a cracker.

It’s a pretty big course, lots of stuff on it, and it will discuss whether digital dentistry is of any use at all, to any of us and which parts might be, and which parts aren’t.

But I will give you a little heads up.

You won’t be spending a lot of time on a computer on your own in a digital course (you can do that when you go home) when you do sit round a computer, most of the time will be with other people.

Some of them will know something and some of them will know others and between you, you will know more.

The first day I turned up to University of Glasgow to do dentistry they put us in an anatomy lab. They stood us at an individual section to do an experiment of our own, each. I met two people that became a couple of my closest and longest friends.

We didn’t do the experiments on our own, we did them together. That wasn’t in the programme, but we did it that way anyway.

Why don’t we just do it that way?

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