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Learning for Not making money

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 31/07/19 18:00


Sometimes it seems when I watch people do continuing professional development, that it is all about how much money they can make from the things that they learn at the expense of the things that they don’t know.

We were quite clear when we set up The Campbell academy many years ago, that the master class programme was going to be filled with people coming to teach us things, that either we should know, or we didn’t know, or we wished we did know.

To that end, we have had master classes in medicine in relation to dentistry, anatomy and other subjects which, although not seeming to be huge profit centres, but likely make you a better clinician, which in turn will make you a profit centre.

So, the next master class on the horizon is no different, and it is presented by professor John Gibson.

John is now the Dean of Aberdeen Dental School, but has held positions such as Professor of medicine in relation to dentistry Glasgow, Chairman of the conduct committee at the General Dental Council and Chairman of Dental Protection. John has been around a bit.

Bizarrely, 25 years back from the master class, John would have been teaching me about facial pain in the oral medicine clinic at the Glasgow Dental Hospital school, where I was being a house officer and he was being a lecturer.

25 years on, he will be teaching me again about facial pain, in a master class at our Academy.

John is going to use normal teaching techniques, but also case discussions, to show dentists how to navigate the facial pain landscape. (Although I don’t want it to be public knowledge, I’ve always had an interest in facial pain, since Shaun taught me and I am the “go to guy” at our practice for long standing facial pain patients - that’s not an excuse to send me all of your facial pain).

John is going to cover facial pain in a way that you might not have seen before and is also going to cover local anaesthetic on that master class in a way that you might not have seen before and even if you did, it was probably a lot of years ago.

This might be one of the most useful bits of CPD that I will do since last time John presented a master class and it is on the 18th September. We look forward to seeing you then, if you want to come.

It’s classic Campbell Academy style. Nice food, nice coffee, nice place, great CPD and meet great people.

Details are here.

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Colin Campbell
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