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Just ordinary people

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 12/06/19 18:00


For a while now we’ve had this thing within the Campbell clinic and the Campbell academy, that within TCC and TCA.

“There’s no such thing as extraordinary people, there are only ordinary people doing extraordinary things”.

I wasn’t supposed to be a dentist, in fact, I wasn’t clever enough to go to university until the very last year of school, and even then, I scraped into dental school because I was a basketball player.

I arrived at university convinced I would be out after a year because everyone there was cleverer than me, and it turned out I managed to stay.

I‘ve never forgotten that, never forgotten the twists and turns of fate, which brought me to where I am now and how it could have all been very different.

I’ve never forgotten that when I look at people and talk to people to come into my own organisation now and to see what they might achieve.

My career teacher told me that I wasn’t university material!!

When I recount the back stories of many of the people that work in our team and the positions that they now hold, some people find it hard to believe.

They find it hard to believe that people from such “lowly beginnings”, can raise to such heights, both in terms of responsibility and financially.

This is the principle right the way through, ordinary people doing extraordinary things, the people that come next will be selected on the same basis, I have plenty of letters after my name (for me at least) and most people don’t know what they mean and they certainly don’t make me better at doing my job, the same applies to the people who come next.

The funny thing is that most of the time (not all, but most), if you give someone the chance to do exceptional things, they tend to step up to the plate.

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Colin Campbell
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