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Information by chance

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 11/04/21 18:00


Sometimes it’s cool to find out things by accident. 

To come across something unexpected and then to seek out more information about it and to learn. 

But finding information in the modern world is not the problem, the problem is curating the Information and the sources from where you get it. 

I used to study in the library in Greenock for exams and the only way to find information was from the books and the newspapers there. 

Now I can find anything in an instant and I watch people try to settle arguments through google, pushing their phones into each others faces because the ‘access to information’ is so easy. 

Provenance of source and accuracy of information is one of the most important considerations of our time. 

The other is managing the flow of information into your brain. 

I love to cycle and I’m keen to follow cycling as a sport but at the moment and the way my life is, I simply don’t have the time (or the Eurosport). 

So, I get my information on cycling and my update on cycling from my chats with Louis as we ride our bikes together. 

Louis fills me in on the races of the week and what’s happening in the cycling world and I can use that as one of my curated sources of information, leaving time to do other things. 

The problem with scrolling through a feed on your social media channel of choice is that you’re not the one curating the Information. 

It’s probably why I choose movies over randomly watching television shows. 

I choose to sit and watch a movie that I chose to watch and to find out a little bit more about it, about the director and the actors in the story and the background and the funding and what it took to make it and it becomes an experience all-round instead of mindlessly sitting in front of an information stream that someone else has chosen, pumping it into my brain like a fire hose. 


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Colin Campbell
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