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Incisive Decisive – the Podcast

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 04/10/18 18:00

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So here it is, I’ve teased this out a little bit, the launch of the Podcast that Shaun (and a little bit of me) have put together.

It’s one of those brilliant opportunities that just came from a conversation, and more importantly from Shaun’s lecture on the Dunning Kruger effect that he did at The Failure Conference entitled ‘Don’t be a bell end’.

The first episode says it’s about dentistry, ethics and anything we want, and I suppose that sums it up a little bit.

I’d love you to listen to it and also feedback. We already have 5 episodes in the can and many more to come with more and more ideas.

It’s been absolutely great fun to do this with Shaun who is a great guy and someone whose ethical needle is pointing exactly in the right direction.

The first one is an introduction, but coming up are things about the GDC from our perspectives and also social media. They’re about 35 minutes long so they’re pretty good at listening to in the car. They’re available on all the usual formats and I will probably report back after we’ve done the first 100 episodes!

Please give it a go, it will be great to hear from you about what you think.

You can find the Incisive Decisive blog and links to the first episodes here.

The Facebook page is here.


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