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I'll see you when I get there

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 23/12/20 18:00

Some years ago, one of my friends who I was working with in implant dentistry asked me “when do you get to the stage where you don’t stress about placing implants in the lower jaw at the back”.

My answer was “I don’t know, I’ll tell you when I get there”.

Placing implants right up until Christmas this year and in between Christmas and new year and still chasing the perfect placement and the perfect case.

Sometimes as I look at it, I think I’m getting worse not better, but I expect that other people would say that that’s the only way to be and when you think that everything goes well and there’s nothing to improve perhaps it’s time to stop.

The pursuit of perfection is devastating (I’m nowhere near it, in fact so far away it’s painful) but the opposite, the imagining that you’re already there has got to be worse.


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Colin Campbell
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