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How to build a worldview

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 15/06/19 18:00


A few days ago I was listening to ECHO and The Bunnymen - The killing moon, you can watch the video here. Because It reminded myself of when I was 13 and when I developed and shaped some of my most fundamental worldview principles.

I wondered what I’m doing and how I’m guiding that for my own children.

In about 1986, ECHO and The Bunnymen released a greatest hits album and my girlfriend at the time bought it for me.

When I listen to it now, it takes me back to that time straight away, that seems to be the way with music and smell.

I’m walking from my house on Bayview road along Clyde road and up Burnside road, towards my girlfriend’s house. It was the way I used to walk to school every single day.

That was the time when I learned about social conscious, that was the time I learned about some of the bad things in the world that I didn’t like, that was the time that I’d laid down a basis for ethics.

I listened to simple minds then, and I got to go to a concert and on the chair that I sat on was a leaflet about amnesty international.

I read up about amnesty international and I was outraged.

I listened to songs about Steve Biko and watched Nelson Mandela and managed to associate racism and infringement of civil rights with any other form of bullying.

I’m not into ism’s I just hate bullying, from the culture that I was exposed to (live aid) and the music that I listened to and the people that I spoke to, I developed a worldview.

Which Is the same as how everybody else developed theirs.

I guess the question is, how can we try to push people in the direction of a world view that helps everybody else, instead of a world view that just helps themselves.

There might be worse places to start, then ECHO and the Bunnymen, probably a better place to start than social media.

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Colin Campbell
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