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How much altruism

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 06/04/19 18:00


Its Monday 1st April about 15:05. I’m back home at the house just after an early shift this morning and then a presentation to the strategic growth board of Rushcliffe Borough Council! 

It took an hour out of my life, to do another 2 hours of thinking about it will probably cost me my bike ride today (among other things)  

So I gave away a bit of myself again for someone else, for what? It seems quite grand doesn’t it the “strategic growth board” but it isn’t really. 

Its in the council chambers at Rushcliffe Borough Council and there were a load of guys there that I didn’t know and who I’m not likely to see again. I told them about the new practice project and what help it would have been nice to have at the start of that project from Rushcliffe if I had known any help existed. 

I spoke about what would have been good and how they could have pushed the project along more easily for me by better facilitating skills that they have available and then I walked home in the sunshine. 

It is a constant and constant battle of mine, how much time I give away to other people and how much to keep for myself. 

I think it’s fair to say that over the last little while that the balance has been completely in the wrong direction towards everybody else and then I am always reminded of ‘Save Myself by Ed Sheeran. 

So for the next little bit, I have to pull back and look at myself and the ones closest to me and make sure that everybody is okay there. 

Like many things in life if I don’t think that I will ever get this right, I think just striving to get it right might be the best that I can hope for. 

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Colin Campbell
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