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How hyper-efficiency works

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 06/06/19 18:00


I’ve just left the practice on the 23rd May and I finish for holiday for 10 days.

Callum and I are going to Italy to the caravan park we love, it’s just the boys, while the girls stay at home to ride horses.

In true style the last day of getting ready for our holiday is chaotic, I stared at 7:30am with my first patient and finished at 1:30pm straight through and then spent the last 4 hours trying to box off all the jobs that needed to be done before I went away.

I had to finish though, I had to be home, so I did, and I am on my way.

I delegated like a master, I dictated in my fasted Scottish dialect with clinical notes and emails, other tasks and jobs and newsletter articles and all sorts of things. I handed over everything I could to the team, I walked out the door at 5:30pm. As I left, I spoke to Hayley, (my general manager) and asked her why I couldn’t do this all the time?

I’ve done 2 or 3 days’ worth of work this afternoon and I would have been happy with that, had I done it over the space of a few days, so why can I not programme myself to work in bursts like that, in sessions of hyper-efficiency and take the rest of the time to do the things I want.

The truth is when I’m firing all the cylinders, I can and usually at this time of year it starts to happen, I can generally cut my weeks by half and get the same amount of work done and ride my bike for much longer.

I need to bottle this, we need to bottle this, because so much of our time is spent pretending to be working and doing urgent, non-important tasks that don’t move anything forwards and just move pieces of paper, side to side.

Much to think about and write, in my old-fashioned analogue notebook, well on my way to see if I can just move a needle a little more towards the good side.

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Colin Campbell
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