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Horses for courses (Chris Barrow again)

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 05/09/19 18:00

Coach Barrow

Chris Barrow is at it again, reinventing the way business is taught to dental practices, practitioners and teams and his new extreme business programme for 2020 is here.

It is definitely worth watching the video for this.

Many times, in these pages I have listed the impact that Chris had, not only on my business overall but on my life in general, from the time that we’d met back somewhere around 2011.

Chris transformed my ideas of running a dental business and in fact of business in general and inspired me to go on and find out as much as I could and develop as much as was possible for me in that area.

Sometime later I had the audacity to launch our own business course and so, you might ask yourself why I would promote Chris Barrow’s Extreme Business Programme, which would appear to be in direct conflict with our courses.

The truth is that many years ago Chris taught me about the abundance mentality.

He also taught me that “competition breads demand”.

This year on our business course we will have one of Chris’ clients, who wants to take things in a different direction and to another level in a different way and one of our business course participants is engaged Chris (that’s not the first time that has happened).

Chris lectures on our course and we promote him as a coach, because I and my team are not business coaches, we are people who run a successful dental business, which has grown and exists ethically and some people want to learn how we did that.

Chris though, will inspire and instruct and allow you to create the business of your dreams.

Many years ago, in the Arora Hotel in Gatwick at an ITI meeting I had a long conversation with someone called James Hamill who advised me to take Chris on as a coach. I was in two minds at that time and had my doubts, it was some of the best advice I have ever had.

Have a look at Chris’ programme, in case you missed the link above, here it is again.

If you’ve been thinking about it then go no further and take the leap, I am sure that you will not be disappointed.


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