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Getting Drunk for Charity

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 08/06/18 18:00


Alison and I have conversations about the validity of a Charity ball and why we shouldn’t just send the money that we put into organising it in a pot and give that to charity. Or why we shouldn’t just ask the people who would come to the ball to send some money to charity instead of buying a fancy dress costume and spending lots of money getting drunk.

The total money spent on the ball by everyone that goes would be more than the ball raises and that is an interesting counter point.

The truth is though that if we didn’t have the ball we would never get money of out people’s pockets and be able to send it on to try to make a difference somewhere else in the world. We would never see the people who come and have a great time and, for a short while, step out of the reality of where we are into a fancy dress fantasy land for a few hours at least.

This year the ball is on the 17th November in the centre of Nottingham at the Crowne Plaza. There is no conference attached to it this year, just nice and simple, a table of 10 (or individual tickets if you want) and compulsory fancy dress. Tables are £450 for 10 or tickets £45 per person.

The theme this year is Ultimate Pop Legends. The ball is fancy dress, so you can come as your favourite singer, part of a band or someone that symbolises a 'legend' to you!

This will be the fifth time we’re doing this. It’s raised tens of thousands of pounds to help some of the people in the world whose lives are harder than ours on a day to day basis.

I really hope you can come, and I really hope you will pass this on to friends or grab a group of people together and come as a table of 10.

Not because you feel you should but because you want to.

Contact Hayley at hayleyedwards@campbell-clinic.co.uk if you're interested in attending. 


So, a little story then to encourage you to think about coming and to see how good you might feel if you do.

Shaun Sellars gave me another book. It’s called Factfulness.

Bill Gates said it is “one of the most important books that I’ve ever read”, it’s written by Hans Rosling. You can read what I wrote about it here. Rosling was a physician who worked in Africa before becoming a global health Professor, but it tells a story of an untrained woman who provided obstetric care for thousands and thousands of people in her locality, delivering babies without lights or warm water let along any medical equipment or drugs.

In one of his discussions with the lady he asked her what was the one thing that he could buy her to make her job easier, and her answer was…

… a flashlight.

Not because it would allow her to see better when she delivered babies but because it would allow her to see snakes more easily as she walked to villages at night.

We won’t save the world on the 17th November, not in any way and not even a little bit.

But we might have some fun while we raise some money that helps people buy ‘flashlights’.

If you're interested in attending contact Hayley at hayleyedwards@campbell-clinic.co.uk 


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