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Friends united in abundance

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 07/10/21 18:00


“Competition breeds demand”. 

That’s what Chris (Barrow) taught me in the early stages of our coaching relationship. 

It’s with that philosophy in mind that I encourage you to investigate (and potentially sign up to and move on with) Chris’s year-long business programme for next year. 

To work on your business now could be the most important thing you do to secure your future going forwards. 

To mend the roof while the sun is shining could be the smartest thing you could possibly do but while everyone else is running around like their hair is on fire, with no time to do anything, to build your systems, to reinvigorate your marketing and to redesign your team offering might be the most important work you do for the rest of your life. 

It’s hard to believe there’s a better place to start than Chris Barrow (I don’t believe there is). 

I know from personal experience, time and time again, that the money you spend with Chris comes back to you ten fold at least. 

This is not an investment. It’s a bet you can’t lose. 

The link to Chris’s product stuff is here. I know that he’d be happy to have a no-strings conversation with you if you felt the time was right for you. 

Chris and I recommend each others business things because they apply and appeal to different people at different times in their careers. 

People who have attended our business offerings have often ended up with Chris and the other way round has even happened once or twice too. 

The more we talk about being better at business, the more people will be interested in business. 


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Colin Campbell
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