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Friday feeling

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 10/01/20 18:00

substance or friday

The one biggest thing that I have learned from my time off this Christmas was to institute a shutdown procedure in the new practice and beyond.

I have never always been very good at this and I have always let other things get in the way but now my Friday afternoons will be a chance to shut down on the weeks work and make sure that I am sorted for the following week

This will allow me to go to the Mustangs training session on a Friday night, free of much of the work stresses and the impending tasks that need to be done.

My plan for this is as follows:

  1. I use Asana as a project management tool throughout the practice, (I wrote about this at Christmas).
  2.  I will shut down tasks that are on Asana and so they can be easily dropped out throughout the week.
  3. I will look at the Campbell clinic work that I need to do as a part of our OKR system (Our Key Results system) and make sure that I have reported on that in a paragraph or two in my reporting page.
  4. I will do the same for the Campbell academy work.
  5. I will do the same for the research workload.

I will make sure that there are no pending patient tasks or phone calls that I need to make and then I will plan my HQL (High Quality Leisure).

I will look at my diary for the next week or two, to make sure that I am not missing anything and make sure that I have scheduled in the things that I have to do next week, then I will cycle or walk home and go to training and I will be done.

I know you’re laughing at me behind my back and thinking it will never happen, but it is certainly worth a try.


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Colin Campbell
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