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Friday afternoon surgery

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 26/11/21 18:00


Today (black Friday) I find myself operating in a complicated case in the afternoon in order to fit the patient in before I finish in December for my time off. 

These are not the ideal days to do surgery and while I’m on it and up for it in this case (which has a particular degree of complexity) this is not a habit that I’d like to make. 

Surgery is for the start of the week, when you’re fresh and your head is clear and everything that’s happened in the crisis that inevitably hits us week on week have not worn us down towards a Friday afternoon. 

Worse of all, today is black Friday which usually makes me cranky and unsettled. 

I haven’t spent a penny today as I laughed darkly reading the news that 80% of black Friday ‘discounts’ are actually more expensive than they were six months ago. 

Black Friday is a petrol shortage or a new variant of Covid or a clown or any other number of 'fear of missing out' projects which are produced by people trying to cash in on weak psychology. 

Black Friday mixed with Friday afternoon surgery makes me happy to see the weekend this week. 


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