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Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 10/09/21 18:00


I just received an email (circular) from Jimmy Wales the founder of the Wikimedia foundation and Wikipedia. 

Last year I donated £5 to Wikipedia and this year I have just donated £10. 

The Wikimedia foundation is a non-profit foundation which supports Wikipedia and a host of other things. 

Not infrequently on this blog you’ll see a link to Wikipedia to explain something that I’m talking about, I suspect over the time there have been hundreds. 

Wikipedia has 13 collaborative knowledge projects and now hosts a free encyclopaedia Wikidata. 

They provide all sorts of extraordinary things but most importantly they provide knowledge which is curated by the group which is more likely to be balanced and accurate. 

Why would I be able to access this for free? 

If I use this service should I not contribute to this service, either by curating articles or by giving them money to help other people have the infrastructure to curate the articles? 

In a world where everybody wants to give away stuff for free in order to get people to lock-in, it seems like we don’t consider the cost or the real cost of many of the things that we use or buy. 

If you like Wikipedia or you use it, why don’t you contribute to it? 

The link is here. 

Almost everybody else’s media channels are polluted by something, I still believe that Wikipedia is, or at least tries to be, as independent as it possibly can. 


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