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Fear of future disappointment

Colin Campbell
by Colin Campbell on 08/11/21 18:00


Callum and I saw Manchester United play Manchester City at Old Trafford on Saturday (Thanks so much Harmeet).  

Manchester United are a team of superstars who look out for themselves. 

Manchester City are so obviously a group who are desperate not to disappoint each other (or their manager). 

Building a team which is beyond money, which has a massive internal urge to not disappoint or let down their team mates is a much more valuable and powerful and structured force than one which pays just a little bit more than the guy next door. 

If you’re working from home permanently for a firm of lawyers in Nottingham and you never see anybody else apart from on a screen, where’s your loyalty? 

Why would you not just go to another company for more money and then another company again for more money until you realise you’re in a vacuous circle which means nothing except a slightly better car or a slightly bigger house. 

A little while ago I had to sit in front of my team and say sorry for something I’d done. 

They were disappointed (perhaps only a little) but that felt massive. 

It felt much, much worse than being fined a little bit of money, that I would never have noticed. 


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Colin Campbell
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